Taxation in the UK is a minefield and it is often difficult to see the wood from the trees.

There are often different ways to achieve the same commercial objectives with very different consequences. Efficient planning can make a huge improvement to your personal and business finances, not just in terms of immediate cash flow and profit, but also in protecting your wider interests and securing your wealth for the future.

At Davisons we aim to provide sound, independent advice whether for individuals, families or businesses. We can help with routine compliance work including the preparation of accounts and tax returns, together with other areas such as HM Revenue & Customs enquiries, tax and estate planning and advising on minimising liability to tax, to name a few.

Preparation of tax returns and assistance with tax enquiries and investigations

We will help you to ensure your tax returns are filed on time, without error, avoiding the strict penalty deadlines, whilst also helping you to deal with any tax enquiries or investigations should they arise. These are becoming more frequent as the HM Revenue & Customs increase their powers of enquiry under the self-assessment regime.

Tax advice

  • We will work with you to assess your goals and objectives and define a suitable planning strategy. Early planning is essential, and it is important that we work closely with you to ensure your aims are achieved as effectively as possible.
  • Our advice covers everyday taxes like income tax and VAT, as well as Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax.


Capital Gains Tax

At Davisons, we often find that we are the first port of call with regards to Capital Gains Tax. We can assist you with proactive advice before any sale takes place, advising as to where Capital Gains Tax savings can be made by structuring your affairs efficiently. By working with you as part of the team we can assist in showing you around this taxation minefield.

If you are thinking of disposing of any capital items, please call us in the first instance for advice.  Our team have advised on all types of asset disposals, from residential and commercial property to owners of businesses involved in sales or restructuring.

Business Start-ups

We give advice on choosing the right form of trading entity for your business to ensure optimum ownership structure and also ensuring that we maximise the investment reliefs where possible.

Developing and Expanding Businesses

Our advice includes achieving or maintaining advantageous structures; accessing reliefs and allowances (e.g. for capital expenditure and R&D); avoiding ‘double’ taxation or excessive rates and levies. We also handle compliance issues and enquiries efficiently and effectively as they arise.

Retaining Key Employees

  • Your business is only as good as the management. At Davisons, we can advise on tax efficient arrangements to promote high performers and assist in retaining key staff within your business
  • We have years of experience in advising on Succession, both from a Tax Efficiency point of view, but also taking into account your overall aims and objectives. We work with you to obtain the best outcome for all parties
  • We can work with you and advise on plans with you and your family during and at the end of life



Other Services

We can also provide help and assistance with the following:

  • Reviewing potential Inheritance Tax liabilities
  • Preparation of VAT returns
  • Advising on employee remuneration packages

Our tax team have the technical knowledge, experience and ability to deliver a wide range of options to suit your individual needs.

At Davisons, we pride ourselves in being proactive and are continually providing clients with tax advice relevant to their current situation which can contribute to longer term objectives.

We aim to be ahead of legislative changes and able to offer the technical ability and quality-orientated advice you require. Please feel free to contact us on 01769 572404 or email us at

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